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Halloween Story Night 5

It's amazing what mysteries lie in a dead schnauzer's stomach

His name is actually "Mads" and he's an excellent storyteller

Taxidermy takes guts. Get it?! That joke kills it in the community.

Seriously kid, let the dildo slide.

A schnauzer is a schnauzer is a schnauzer, until it dies.

Mads would like us to know the following:

Mads Schmidt owes his accent to his Danish origins, but the rest he picked up writing seedy journalism for VICE Magazine and glitzy taglines for various multinationals. Now, Mads writes transgressive fiction and is working on a novel that he hopes will make you laugh and gasp in equal measure. He's never received fan mail of any kind—and no death threats to speak of—but if you'd like to be the first, write to Thanks for listening.

And thank you, Mads, for coming to the Hindsight Tap Room for our Halloween event! Your work is excellent.


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Chuck Palahniuk's Plot Spoiler
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