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Hindsight Story Night 20

Biff wonders why his friends don't write these gems down

When a 20-minute story feels like ten minutes, it’s good.

Jimmy Stevens ruined everything.

This is better than Dianetics.

Didn’t your dad ever touch you like that?

Matt would like us to know the following:

Matt Rindge is the author of three books and over twenty-five articles and chapters. But these nonfiction works would bore you to pieces. His essays in outlets such as The Washington Post, these would bore you a bit less. He's written four short stories and a novel, and is seeking representation for the latter. At Gonzaga University he teaches “Bible and Film,” “Critics of Christianity,” “Religion and Blackness,” "Life and Teachings of Jesus," and “Religion and Horror.” In his spare time he runs marathons.

Thank you, Matt!

Note: The video drops out at 2:45 and returns at 3:35. The audio is not affected.

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Chuck Palahniuk's Plot Spoiler
Chuck Palahniuk