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Hindsight Story Night #57

Take them all and the magic starts floating you

Too-Tall had been breeding these mushrooms from the steaming heaps of reindeer poop.

Before I leave, Too-Tall says, “Oh, and remember, with the mushrooms you can always take more, but you can never take less.”

I take another pinch of mushroom caps, but those are still dry and taste the way reindeer smell so I suck on a candy cane.

All this walking in the snow’s got my feet throbbing to the tune of ‘Little Drummer Boy.’

My legs bounce like Jack-in-the-Box springs, and there’s a rising feeling like chimney smoke in my chest.

The window flies at us and we crash through, sending sparkling glass down on the football team of Krampusses waiting below.

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And Thank you, Colton!

Chuck Palahniuk's Plot Spoiler
Chuck Palahniuk's Plot Spoiler
Chuck Palahniuk