Hindsight Story Night #61

Sure, a few things might've set the stage for the later climax.

I would let you drink of the spiced wine of my pomegranate juice…

To the acoustic melody of “Little Drummer Boy,” a woman entered stage left, lit by a spotlight. Dressed all in black, tight, form-fitting black, she sashayed across the stage.

Behind this thin curtain, a man shadow joined Mary. His shadow hand seized Mary at the waist and ripped off her linen dress.

Octogenarians For Christ rubbed their eyes, transfixed, not quite believing what they saw.

The woman in black reached down, and she took young Timmy’s face in her two hands.

Santa stood there, but heads were occupied with more tantalizing matters.

Matt would like us to know the following:

Matt Rindge is the author of three books and over twenty-five articles and chapters. But these nonfiction works would bore you to pieces. His essays in outlets such as The Washington Post, these would bore you a bit less. He's written four short stories and a novel, and is seeking representation for the latter. At Gonzaga University he teaches Bible and Film, Critics of Christianity, Religion and Blackness, Life and Teachings of Jesus, and Religion and Horror. In his spare time he runs marathons.

Thanks, Matt!

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