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Hindsight Story Night #68

Amber typically didn't go for gin but decided to give it a try

Ghost town. And here she thought she was going to Gay Town.

So many odd, degrading jobs Amber had worked, she had earned her early retirement.

You can’t take the social work out of the worker.

It was the perfect size for a family of one.

Her mind was already racing with excitement before she popped a few caps into her mouth.

Every inch was suddenly covered in paisley.

Fuck Don Henley.

Unfortunately, she’d forgotten that her period was due.

Amy would like us to know the following:

Amy Bleu is a writer, musician, social worker, and mother. Her work has appeared in magazines such as BUST, and in anthologies such as Quarter Passed and Flatmancrooked’s Slim Volume of Contemporary Poetics. Her first two books were published in 2022: a chapbook of poetry called Petrichor & Other Scents (released by Wedfty Media) and a novel called In My Secret Life (published by Woodhall Press). She lives in Portland, Ore. with her son and her cat.

Thank you again, Amy!

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