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Hindsight Story Night #69

Ashes to ashes. Stars to stars.

Coroner says it will come out when it’s hungry again.

Mom carved trenches through the mounds of shipping tubes and eco-friendly bubble wrap until the house looked like a map of France during whatever world war.

He asked us if we’d heard about the lay-offs at the morgue, said “They’re really cutting coroners.”

Coroner said pets, they go for the exposed soft tissue first.

Then the coroner told us we should never try to take his job… the competition is pretty stiff.

The cat screeches and tries to bolt, but the diaper is so full the cat might as well be pulling a boulder behind it.

Andrew would like people to know the following:

By day, Andrew Rutledge works as a freelance Creative Director writing ads for gaming industry clients like Microsoft and Blizzard. But at night (and before-the-sun-comes-up mornings) this Hoosier native writes short stories while banging out a draft of his upcoming novel. Just never ask him what the word Hoosier actually means. That’s a story for another time. You can find his short stories here. Or drop him a note here.

Thank you, Andrew! Excellent use and reuse of objects.

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