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Hindsight Story Night #72

Getting your dick wet with a little strange

I thought I could trust her, but she lied to me about everything, and when I get mad… suddenly I’m the bad guy.

Hearing her stupid, weak lady bones crunch when I tossed her across the room felt better than the first time I had sex or tasted Chex Mix.

She’s the villain, not me. I was supposed to be buried in the family plot. She reanimated my body. Everyone knows, in Frankenstein the doctor is the asshole, not the monster.

I hopped back in the truck, rolled down the window and blasted the Joe Rogan podcast as I traversed towards my new life.

Erin would like us to know the following:

Erin Potter is writer, comedian and cheese enthusiast from Portland, Oregon. She writes about the strange, fringe and sometimes paranormal should the mood strike (which it usually does). She has been a featured performer with Mortified Portland and is the host of the popular podcasts, The Sleepynauts Podcast and The Utterly Unrelated Podcast. Erin is actively seeking an agent, querying her latest novel and spends her evenings wrangling her kids and thinking of ways to trick Tom Hardy into being friends with her.

Thank you, Erin, we can’t wait to see this book published!

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Chuck Palahniuk's Plot Spoiler
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