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Hindsight Story Night #80

And a used maxipad stuck to my knee...

“We’re the keepers of the song,” the blonde says. “You look like you’ve lost your way, sister. I just watched you crawl out of the trashcan.”

There’s nothing interesting to steal and nowhere to pee, so I might as well knock.

And he starts shouting all these crazy things about how it’s the police closing in and it’s time to go home!

But I’m not really sure what he means when he says seed.

But David was always trying to plant his seed in my garden even thought I was always, like, Ew, David I haven’t even gotten my braces off yet! I need some more time before I have seeds from anyone.

“Sister, you need to learn the value of silence,” the master says as he narrows his eyes at me.

He slams the door in my face, real sexy.

Erin would like us to know the following:

Erin Potter is a writer, comedian, and cheese enthusiast from Portland, Oregon. She writes about the strange, fringe, and sometimes paranormal, should the mood strike (which it usually does). She has been a featured performer with Mortified Portland and is the host of the popular podcasts The Sleepynauts Podcast and The Utterly Unrelated Podcast. Erin is actively seeking an agent, querying her latest novel, and spends her evenings wrangling her kids and thinking of ways to trick Tom Hardy into being friends with her.

Thank you, Erin, see you tonight in workshop!

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