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Midwest Story Night #14

Every meal became a show

Food was an old comfort, and Lannie just wanted to feel not so empty anymore.

She didn’t mind. It beat dying alone.

The guys who loved it, they really loved it. They wanted to send her tips. They wanted to pay her bills.

“I’m going to put my pants back on, okay?”

Together, they learned not to paint between her folds.

Here’s what Tom would like you to know:

Tom lives in a town you wouldn’t find on the map, with his wife Jenn, Kratos and Helios (elderly dogs), Special Agent Fox Mulder and Wednesday Addams (trained feral cats), and an old chinchilla named Sirius Black. He writes when he isn't working and hopes you find something more authentic than enjoyment in his words. You can read more of his Scriptura at

Such a love story, Tom! Thank You!

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Chuck Palahniuk's Plot Spoiler
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