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Midwest Story Night #2

"How? How does this even happen?"

You start to go, “How hard could this be?”

There is no temperature gauge on this thing. It is either Off or On, and you have got to watch it.

At the salon, this is the part where Helga or Olga or whoever builds up your confidence. You’ve been waxing your upper lip for years, and pain-wise this is no different.

You ever been to one of those restaurants where they have that hot wings challenge?

And while you grip the corner of the cloth, tell your brain to tell the muscle above your elbow to tug and yank. You know this motion.

Olga and Helga get paid to yank that skin off your chicken.

Maegan would like us to know the following:

By day, Maegan Heil runs a carpentry company with her husband and mothers two beautiful boys, ages one and four (send help!). By night, Maegan pens FRESH MEAT, a Substack publication where Maegan collects constructive criticism on her Works-in-Progress—one of which was featured here. As for the traditional market, Maegan hasn’t published jack. But her commitment to making each story better than the last (along with the help of all you agents out there reading this—wink, wink) will soon change that. Maegan's full name rhymes with Reagan trial. Or bacon bile. Bios are not her strength.

And Thank You, that was incredible!

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Chuck Palahniuk's Plot Spoiler
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