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Midwest Story Night #30

It had moved.

You might see a cocktail party in one room, a couple arguing in another.

Some were reading. Some were sleeping. There was even a flight attendant standing in the aisle.

He was an artistic genius, but he had no understanding of time or boundaries.

He was no less excited, but she had never seen him afraid.

He allowed her to guide him to the bedroom and couldn’t help but feel like a third grader as she tugged off his shoes, leaned him back while covering him with a quilt, and kissed his forehead.

Susan would like people to know the following:

Wanted to thank EVERYONE involved in the Story Night’s - very grateful for the fun, the knowledge, and the inspiration. Would like to keep the sparks flying by shamelessly plugging my Substack - Pen to Page - and/or always up for conversations and opportunities to share at: Thank You!

Beyond that, thank you!

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Chuck Palahniuk's Plot Spoiler
Chuck Palahniuk