Midwest Story Night #32

Kerri saying Good Night

Some points of storytelling etiquette

  • Do not show up only on nights when you have work. Show up on other nights, just to hear other people’s work. Other writers need your support as much as you need theirs.

  • If you only show up on nights you have work—and you demand to read—that means you’re terrible in bed.

  • Do not read something not funny and then blame the audience for not laughing.

  • Do not ask to read first, then quickly leave after you’ve read. That means you are incredibly bad in bed. I’m done, gotta go!

  • Do not give the audience a lot of set up—“… this part comes after the kingdom of Xyelia has fallen under the sway of Prince Nallam who’s the usurper… ”— because no one will remember a word you say, and that set-up eats into your time.

  • Do not show up once, feel like a failure, and never return.

A massive thank you to Kerri for making the party happen. I’m glad her family is safe and together again.

If you get a chance, watch The Sentinel. It’s also streaming on Apple TV and Roku. We watched it at Chelsea’s last night, and people were surprised how good it was for a bad movie. Watch for the key repeating objects. I’ll post tomorrow, and the first Comment that nails the most important object—it creates the entire metaphor of the movie—will win a lavish basket of Easter stuff.

Watch for tomorrow’s post, and Comment there.

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