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Midwest Story Night #34

Then came the wall of dirt, fast and furious

His hair made him look like the ass of a Rhode Island red, and I laughed uncontrollably until I cried with wretched heaves.

It was like being trapped in the dirt receptacle of an operating vacuum cleaner.

Man’s natural state had become buried underneath a civilization.

“It is the evil of men that is creating the terrible storms. Women, we must unite.”

Sacred days became Mondays, having to do with the moon, and men fast lost their prestige.

Isis began propagandizing the benefits of sacrificing a young man. Not good.

Yeah, you might think this is odd, but the storm ceased after that sacrifice.

Stephanie would like us to know the following:

I’ve always had a strange sense of humor, have a BA in English and a masters in teaching English to non-English speakers. I was lucky enough to teach in the Las Vegas, NV area in a diverse culture and could travel to Cali easily—and had an airport a taxi ride away. I’m retired and am living in Ohio again and pursuing writing and art and different venues.

Please note that in Midwest #34, my name is spelled wrong—it’s S t e a r n s thank you.

Thank you, Stephanie.

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Chuck Palahniuk's Plot Spoiler
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