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Midwest Story Night #37

There is anger in it, a promise of violence

That dog was his key to success. Never. Lost. A fight. A champion, that’s what he was told.

This might be the calm before the storm that people talked about.

Through brief gaps between thick and hairy arms, a donkey can be seen inside the ring.

Dad screams, “Only a queer boy or a little girl would cry! Do you need another reminder?”

She smiles in bright red dots, her movie-star teeth. Around her arm is a rainbow of bracelets.

Dad yells for her to put it in her snatch, and then he yells it again.

Here’s what Tom would like you to know:

Tom lives in a town you wouldn’t find on the map, with his wife Jenn, Kratos and Helios (elderly dogs), Special Agent Fox Mulder and Wednesday Addams (trained feral cats), and an old chinchilla named Sirius Black. He writes when he isn't working and hopes you find something more authentic than enjoyment in his words. You can read more of his Scriptura at

Thank You, Tom!

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Chuck Palahniuk's Plot Spoiler
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