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Midwest Story Night #42

The envious moon was a ginormous cunt of a bitch.

Isn’t it romantic in a way, though, when two friends love each other as passionately as lovers?

The rays on the back of his neck stood up, for the sun suddenly saw danger heading toward the girls.

Ducky’s mom was nice and all, but she cussed a lot when she was mad.

Also, what kind of white people don’t celebrate Christmas?

“He wants us to run, and then he’s going to chase one of us and stab us with that knife.”

Karie Anne would like us to know the following:

From the moment Karie Anne Watson came into this world, the universe has been trying to take her out of it—one body part at a time. To date, she’s lost a nipple, her ab wall, uterus, ovaries, and much more—but one thing Karie Anne’s still got is her mouth. And she plans to tell her story with it while she still can. When she’s not writing, you can find Karie Anne taking walks with her four-legged soul-mate Maggie. To hear more unbelievable tales of survival, contact Karie Anne at

Thank you, Karie Anne!

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Chuck Palahniuk's Plot Spoiler
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