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Midwest Story Night #5

"Party time?" she asked.

Note: Michelle’s last name is actually Burwell. It’s almost impossible to change the title cards on these videos, as Mass/Mads will attest. I regret the error, and I’m happy to take down the video at any time. Please write as clearly as possible when filling out the release form.

Our spray-tan gun is black and very big, so we found it cheap on Ebay. It looks like a machine gun, that’s how big it is.

She had the hose wrapped around her waist.

Was I put on this Earth just to make do?

They all call claiming to want a spray tan when what they want is a friend.

The Midwest lets empty buildings sit like free recliners on a curb, hoping someone else will get rid of their junk for them.

Michelle Burwell would like people to know the following:

Michelle is working on her first novel. She lives in Nashville with her husband and two dogs. Say hi on twitter or instagram at @FancyMeThis.

And, thank you!

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Chuck Palahniuk's Plot Spoiler
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