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New York Story Night #30

Alonzo took my $3000, and he's going to invest it in this plan he cooked up

People underestimate my financial abilities just because I live in my car.

But I am always one step ahead, even of the grim reaper himself.

I turn the charm up to eleven, but she must be one of those East Coast lesbians or something.

She tells me — again — that I need to find somewhere else to live, and can I please stop bringing scrap metal and old, busted cars onto her property. I tell her to relax.

You’re probably asking yourself: What does one guy with a yard the size of a postage stamp need with fifty gallons of pesticide?

Yeah, life has not been fair to me, no doubt about it.

Here’s what Karin would like the world to know about her:

Karin Kohlmeier is a visual artist who writes for fun in her free time. She can be found on Instagram at @KarinKohlmeier or reached at

Thank you, Karin K.

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Chuck Palahniuk's Plot Spoiler
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