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New York Story Night #32

He had a salivary gland disorder he explained to me later, in the backseat of his car.

“Losing is half of life,” he said. “You can’t run from it, and if you don’t choose your losses for yourself someone else will choose them for you.”

Better to be cool and addicted than to be weird and diseased.

If my mother had the choice, would she have chosen Kevin or me? Would I have chosen my mother or Kevin? Was being born our big win, and was death our big loss?

I graduated high school the next day. Jay didn’t show up.

Andrea, thank you for the sweet, surprise ending. If you’d like us to post a bio and links, please send them to Dennis, here.

Chuck Palahniuk's Plot Spoiler
Chuck Palahniuk's Plot Spoiler
Chuck Palahniuk