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New York Story Night #45

After a few hits, the pot slow-motions everything.

We were downwind from the supermarket’s bakery and pizza joint. Scented fingers lift us up by the nostrils, out of the wooded area.

One house said, “You’re not special.” The next house said, “Your life will become the same daily grind as ours.” Another reads, “Stay small.”

The only thing I could do was nothing, absolutely nothing but watch her from afar.

She was dragged under it for a mile before the train could make a complete stop.

I say, “Dude, shit like this makes life worth living, don’t it?”

Steve would like us to know the following:

Steve Conway has been an adjunct professor, musician, and line cook. He is an Academy Award-winning illustrator who now creates content for Sent Tenses: short serialized fiction featuring stories of revenge, dysfunction, dangling adhesive bandages, and occasional flesh wounds in an amber wash of povidone-iodine solution. Content sent to your email every Tuesday-Thursday-Sunday. AI-Generated images daily. Sign-up for your free subscription today here. (Gmail users: please check under your “promotions” tab to confirm your subscription).

Steve, thank you!

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Chuck Palahniuk's Plot Spoiler
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