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New York Story Night #52

Radical surgery

I’m also a little hopped-up on pain meds, but I’m more than clear enough to tell you this story, every single word of which I assure you is one hundred percent true.

A tattoo glory hole, if you will.

Things I had lost years before suddenly started turning up.

This time it hurt like a motherfuck’r, just like any other tattoo.

And three days ago I woke up to find an entire family of rats eating my couch. I have to fix this.

Here’s what Karin would like the world to know about her:

Karin Kohlmeier is a visual artist who writes for fun in her free time. She can be found on Instagram at @KarinKohlmeier or reached at

As always, thank you, Karin!

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Chuck Palahniuk's Plot Spoiler
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