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New York Story Night #53

Knees touching knees with a stranger

There will be no manspreading on this trip, and you want to go unnoticed. This is not the hero’s journey.

“Not-George” is a little bit flustered. One person loudly starts ordering George/not-George what to do. Barking. Demanding.

These guys are just getting by. They often have no papers, no savings. This is a hard life.

You can tell that filing complaints is what she does. This is her thing. This is who she is.

Your leg is now wrapped around her leg, knees touching knees, and you pull tight, maximum torque. Tight. Tighter. You hear a pop, and her body shudders.

Eric Iversen (!) would like you to know the following:

Eric Iversen is a writer and storyteller resident in NYC focused on noir and tales of the city. For any inquiries, he can be reached at

Thank you, Eric, for the best feel-good story I’ve heard in a while.

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Chuck Palahniuk's Plot Spoiler
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