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New York Story Night #61

Perhaps he was the only one who was truly eager

There was only one rule of limitation that we came up with: We were not allowed to take a non-consenting party with us.

Alchemist’s lips didn’t even seem to slur the words even though we were almost through the whole jumbo bottle of Listerine.

Alchemist got sent back here for stealing his foster parents’ drugs, and has a thick library like that of an alchemist.

To make gold from what isn’t gold requires nuclear power.

Did you know that happiness’s real name is dopamine, serotonin, endorphin?

Alchemist had ordered Willow as his last meal.

Randy would like us to know the following:

Randy Dong is an attempting-writer and the host of Story Night New York. Randy primarily writes short-fiction and is working on his first collection. He would like to welcome everyone near New York City to join the Story Night Event, held twice a month, where cool beers are served, cool people are to be met, and cool stories are to be shared. You can find him at his Substack. Comment anywhere you'd like to chat about writing and/or learn about the specifics of Story Night New York. 

As always, thank you, Randy!

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Chuck Palahniuk's Plot Spoiler
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