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New York Story Night #66

The third installment

The whole world shook. That, or the binoculars over my eyes were shaking.

And now the train was coming. The train was coming because the train was coming, because it had to.

Willow pulled down air, twice, above her head. She meant Choo-Choo. So the train blew its war horn, and that’s all Sasha needed to hear.

The statue, as it heard our answer, turned its head to face us. Its last time.

And the statue took off in the direction of the orange engine.

So the statue was still yelling and screaming in the faraway.

Randy would like us to know the following:

Randy Dong is an attempting-writer and the host of Story Night New York. Randy primarily writes short-fiction and is working on his first collection. He would like to welcome everyone near New York City to join the Story Night Event, held twice a month, where cool beers are served, cool people are to be met, and cool stories are to be shared. You can find him at his Substack. Comment anywhere you'd like to chat about writing and/or learn about the specifics of Story Night New York. 

As always, thank you, Randy!

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Chuck Palahniuk's Plot Spoiler
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