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New York Story Night #68

We were once part of Jim

The way this call goes makes it easy to imagine it’s a coach, probably that vindictive guy who majored in psych, feeding the security supervisor lines.

I am a phone in a box, a tool, my hand on a wall to steady myself. A finger sinks into a damp patch of plaster, recently painted. It covers a bullet hole.

A potential public-relations nightmare gets swept under the splendid carpets and tapestries of antiquity.

Lose this job and the debt buries me.

Steve would like you to know the following:

Steve Conway has been an adjunct professor, musician, and line cook. He is an Academy Award-winning illustrator who now creates content for Sent Tenses: short serialized fiction featuring stories of revenge, dysfunction, dangling adhesive bandages, and occasional flesh wounds in an amber wash of povidone-iodine solution. Content sent to your email every Tuesday-Thursday-Sunday. AI-Generated images daily. Sign-up for your free subscription today here. (Gmail users: please check under your “promotions” tab to confirm your subscription).

Thank you, Steve. I will miss hearing your stories.

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Chuck Palahniuk's Plot Spoiler
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