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Reminds me of one of my favorite subreddits called r/idontworkherelady . Each and every story there is of an irate customer bothering another customer because they assume the other customer’s way of dressing or body of knowledge means they work there. Be it Walmart or Home Depot there are endless stories of damn bitchy customers expecting service from someone who doesn’t work there.

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An emotional roller coaster came into the high end restaurant at 8pm on a Saturday and asked for a table for 10 people. The host told here there would be quite a wait. They were full and had several other groups already waiting. The roller coaster yells and cries for a time, then starts going to tables to ask them to leave so her party can sit down. What do you think the restaurant management did in response?

Its not rhetorical. Want to see what you think the appropriate response should be.

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how body of knowledge and education skew reality.

like Implicit Bias?

I feel awkward sharing thoughts, because of these quagmires.

also in the same realm: the feeling anything I write, might need to go into a time capsule until people I know are returned to full carbon form?

Fatigue is my companion. and 6 useful hours and then a slow burn to the last 4 hours of useful thought and deed.

Time is on my side, Mushroom 🍄 Time. going back to the earth and fruiting based on the seasons of life. ;) Mwuah!

last night I tried to stay out past 5 p.m.

about 10 p.m. I said to several people, is it someone's birthday? I see the balloons. It was NYE.

I was past my witching hour.

It was the year 2023 we rang in.

not a 23rd birthday.


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P.P.S. Curious how you feel about Genealogical DNA?

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Something's been bugging my mind about workshops. In your experience, is it possible for people to show genuine support and interest for a new writer's work?

I was involved in an online workshop. It seemed like they showed the most support if I was writing certain things that made them laugh the hardest. So it's like, do I go out of my way to write stuff that makes others happy to get that approval? Or do I stick with stuff that I makes me happy that others might not love? I don't know. Maybe there's a middle ground.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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Jan 2, 2023Liked by Chuck Palahniuk

Happy New Year ❤

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What an amazing illustration of show don't tell...

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It’s mind blowing.

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