Who in da fk is giving Randy guff?

Don't make me open uppa canna Noo Yawk!

Randy: I know you can handle yourself just fine—but if you need to, you just point them out to me.



P.P.S.HA HA! JK, but not JK

But serially: looking forward to another great evening. I'm always learning something new with each story night: from how best to pace a story, how to present it. I also get to find out when I'm boring the hell out of the audience. And if I'm lucky—when I'm not.

Thanks again to Randy for organizing everything.

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I may have missed a thread where this question was answered, but are there any options of entering the contest if we're not able to get to a story night (stranded in the UK)?

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Start a Story Night where you're at! See how easy?

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Yes! Any Manchester-based writers on this substack interested in attending a Story Night?

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I stumbled on a video talking about one of the most offensive/disgusting books written. And it was about "The 120 Days of Sodom" by Marquis de Sade. I have to look into it. Have you read it?

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