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Ah, to hell with cute animals. I warned you jokers there was a quiz headed your way. Here goes. The following questions refer to the film They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? The first correct1 answer to each, posted in the Comments, below, will win a lavish2 prize. One prize to a winner, please, so even if you get two answers correct I’ll bump one prize to the next correct response to the question. This author reserves the right to disqualify any participant.3

Yeah, you might not want the competition, but if you’re cocky and have already posted your answer…

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It’s your funeral.

The Quiz

Question #1: Why do the dance contest organizers hunt through everyone’s luggage at the beginning?

Question #2: What is the key through-line object that appears in several forms throughout the story?

Question #3: Despite the luggage search, how does Gloria get that damned gun into the dance contest?

If you’re correct and first I’ll Congratulate you. Dennis at The Cult will look for you to send a name and mailing address, and he’ll forward those to me. If you’d like the prize to be a gift for someone else, please let me know that person’s name. For packages sent outside the United States, I’ll also need a phone number in case the Customs people want to contact you.

For now, Good Luck. Think hard. And if you want to take part in future Quizzes…


Yeah, as determined by me.


Yeah, as determined by me.


Yeah, this means Chelsea Cain can’t play because she’s just too smart. Also, Stephen King, sorry Steve. We don’t need a ringer. If I wanted to rig this-here horse race I’d plant a buncha stooges and pretend to dole out fake awards. We’re running a clean contest, here. And stop with the bellyaching!