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Try This: Stand Up... Sit Down

Try This: Shock Authority

Photo Only: Merry Christmas

A Night Before Christmas

Try This: Borrow a Page from Fitzgerald

Get set, Go

Jumped the Gun, Sadly

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Trite but Truisms

The Execution vs. The Idea

If You Get Sick, or Bored, or It Is Raining

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If You Get Sick, or Get Bored, or It is Raining

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Try This: Borrow a Page from Krakauer

The Antidote?

If You Get Sick, or Get Bored, or it is Raining

Try This: On Naming Names or Renaming Them Or Not Naming Them

Dead Baby Talk

Photo Only: Did You Make This?

Morphing Your Actions: Part Two

A Short Story: Magnificent Filth

Morphing Your Actions: Part One

Gift Suggestion: Wickedness

Photo Only: Doughnut Glazed

A Postcard from Tour: Seattle

Second Act Redux

Plotting: Surviving the Second Act

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Try This: Making a Hole

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Photo Only: Is Ritz Trolling Us?

Try This:  Why The Misspelings?

Escalator Dread

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A Postcard from Tour:  St. Louis

Express Yourself Today!

Ephemera: The Ghost of Talk Shows Past

Saved by The Idea

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Photo Only: Happy Halloween

A Short Story: The Prophecy of Ruth

Under the Influence of: Romantic Fatalism

Rogan & Palahniuk Talk Dirty

Photo Only: Do the Right Thing

Ephemera: Got Swabbed with Rogan

Hello From Joe Rogan's

Try This: Guns vs. Clocks

Ephemera: My Famous Babysitter

Photo Only: Egg's Tonight

Plotting: Morph Your Objects

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Ask Chuck: Unhelpful Feedback

Photo Only: Dog Meets Bookmark

Photo Only: Nia's Bookmark

An Experimental Podcast

Why I'm Not Killing Myself Today

Under the Influence of:  A New Box of Cripples

Ephemera: Where Were You 22 Years Ago, Today?

Photo Only: A Reminder

Ephemera: Have Your Read?

Business Sense: The Secret

Live Life to the Fullest!

A Postcard from Tour: Brighton

Plotting: The Thumbnail

Backstory: (How to) Say My Name

Photo Only: Leaux's Nails

Homework: Cabaret Bingo

Photo Only: Sassy Cashing In

Spitballing: A Ransom Typeface?

Homework: You Ready to Win Sh-t!??

Try This: Reading for the Radio

Backstory: On "Prayer"


A Postcard from Tour: Prague

Try This: From Whence Great Ideas Come

Spitballing: Placeholder

Ephemera: Tom on Dangerous Writing

Under the Influence of: EC Comics

Pixie Packages Are Available

Ephemera: Were You There That Night?

Plotting: The Little Machine

Greener Pastures: An Introduction

Can I Sleep at Your Place Tonight?

Photo Only: Who Broke My Dog?

Distinctions: Body of Knowledge

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Writing a Serial = Deja Vu

Ephemera: What Catches You Off Guard

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Business Sense: Free Diamonds

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