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Midwest Story Night

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Ephemera: Another Game

Ephemera: The Back Story


Photo Only: Echoes

Photo Only: 'Twas the Season

Scary Christmas Paintings

A Postcard from Tour: Santa Cruz

Hindsight Story Night #49

Gloves Off: Round XX

Hindsight Story Night #48

Hindsight Story Night #47

Hindsight Story Night #46

Gloves Off: Round XIX

Last Call for Greener Pastures

Ephemera: Playing Both Sides

Ephemera: The Real Fight Club of SLC

A Heads-Up

Hindsight Story Night #45

New York Story Night #35

Hindsight Story Night #44

New York Story Night #34

The Better Video

Try This: A Field Trip

Gloves Off: Round XVIII

Hindsight Story Night #43

New York Story #33

Hindsight Story Night #42

New York Story Night #32

Hindsight Story Night #41

New York Story Night #30

New York Story Night #29

Ephemera: How You Get Adopted

Ephemera: What's in the Works

Hindsight Story Night #40

Hindsight Story Night #39

More Midwest Story Nights

New York Story Night #28

Consider This: Body of Knowledge

Consider This: Creating Dread

Ephemera: Last Call

Hindsight Story Night 38


Ephemera: Flipping the Script

Consider This: A Thing as a Thing Before It's THE Thing

New York Story Night 27

Good-Bye: Brad Michael Henke

A Call for Stories IV

The Best 222 Books of All Time

Killer Turkey Death Wish Winner!

Going, Going... a Few Still Left

Free Chelsea Cain!

Hindsight Story Night 37

Hindsight Story Night 36

Hindsight Story Night 35

Midwest Story Night!

The Season to Save Lives

Gloves Off: Round XVII

Hindsight Story Night 34

Hindsight Story Night 33

Hindsight Story Night 32

Gloves Off: Round XVI

Ephemera: Tis the Season

New York Story Night 26

New York Story Night 25

New York Story Night 24

A Writing Prompt: Thanksgiving

New York Story Night 23

New York Story Night 22

New York Story Night 21

New Story Night & Contest

Ephemera: The Didion Estate Sale

New York Story Night 20

Candlelight Story Night 1

Hindsight Story Night 31

New York Story Night 19

Hindsight Story Night 30

New York Story Night 18

Hindsight Story Night 29

Ephemera: What's Your Degree?

Consider This: What Does It Do?

The Rental Remix: The Winners!

'Tis the Season: Pixie Project

Halloween Story Night 21

Halloween Story Night 20

Halloween Story Night 19

Halloween Story Night 18

Halloween Story Night 17

Halloween Story Night 16

Ephemera: Ballads

Halloween Story Night 15

Halloween Story Night 14

Time is Running Out

Halloween Story Night 13


Hindsight Story Night Tonight

Halloween Story Night 12

Halloween Story Night 11

Halloween Story Night 10

Is This the Future of Fiction?

Halloween Story Night 9

Halloween Story Night 7

Hindsight Day of the Dead

Halloween Story Night 6

Halloween Story Night 5

Halloween Story Night 4

Why Short Stories?

Ephemera: Latte Thunder Lives?

Have You Seen 'The Rental'?

If You Need More Halloween

Halloween Story Night 3

Halloween Story Night 2

Halloween Story Night 1

New York Story Night 17

A Deep Dive into Custodian

Hindsight Story Night 28

Hindsight Story Night 27

Ephemera: Happy Halloween

New York Story Night 16

Hindsight Story Night 26

New York Story Night 15

You Can Just Make Up Words

Halloween Winners

Hindsight Story Night 25

Gloves Off: Round XV

New York Story Night 14

Hindsight Story Night 24

See How Easy It Is to Reinvent a Clock?

Ephemera: Desiree's Portrait

New York Story Night 13

A Heads-Up: Halloween

Hindsight Story Night 23

Ephemera: The FLEM Festival

New York Story Night 12

Ephemera: Forest Fire Approaches

Gloves Off: XXIV

Custodian, a short story

Hindsight Story Night 22

New York Story Night 11

Hindsight Story Night 21

Workshop Recommences

Hindsight Story Night 20

A Halloween Contest

New York Story Night 10

Hindsight Story Night 19

New York Story Night 9

Gloves Off: Round XXIII

Hindsight Story Night 18

Hindsight Story Night 17

Celeste, Unplugged

New York Story Night 8

Try This: The Tactile Detail

Hindsight Story Night & Me

Ephemera: Tattoo Style

A Quick Postcard from Palma de Mallorca

New York Story Night 7

New York Story Night 6

A Deeper Dive into Celeste

By Popular Request

New York Story Night 5

Hindsight Story Night Tonight

New York Story Night 4

New York Story Night 3

New York Story Night 2


The Winners of the Peter Christopher Book

Ephemera: A Year Ago

Happy Anniversary

New York Story Night 1

A Must-Have Book for Your Library

Even the Best Laid Plans

Hindsight Story Night 16

Gloves Off: Round XXII

Did You Win?

Ephemera: The Death Star

Dialog Fails

Hindsight Story Night 15

Alert: A World First!

Try This: Parroting

Try This: A Great Opportunity

Hindsight Story Night 14

Another Contest!

Spoiling the Nest

Hindsight Story Night 13

Workshop Takes a Short Break

Hindsight Story Night 12

Ephemera: A Shout-Out to Rick

Try This: Seduce & Betray

Hindsight Story Night 11

Hindsight Story Night 10

Hindsight Story Night 9

In Case You Forgot

Story Night New York City!

Hindsight Story Night 8

Hindsight Story Night 7

Gloves Off: Round XXI

Ephemera: Me & The Dead Kennedys

We Have A Winner

Gloves Off: Round XX

Hindsight Story Night 6

Hindsight Story Night 5

Try This: Piling Up the Tension

Hindsight Story Night 4

Hindsight Story Night 3

Hindsight Story Night 2

Hindsight Story Night


Don't Beat Yourself Up

Subverting the Expectation: Deborah

Ephemera: Not Dead Yet

Ephemera: Woodstock '99

Gloves Off: Round XIX

Ephemera: More Woo-Woo

Dissecting a Story: Crestview


Ephemera: Head Injuries

A Heads Up, Do or Die

Consider This: Entropy


Gloves Off: Round XVIII

Try This: Turn Off Your Radio

A Call for Stories III

Try This: Beat Yourself Up Or Write Yourself Upbeat

Workshop Tonight

The Facts of Life

Dad All Over

Try This: Write Like a Broken Record

Hindsight Story Night Tomorrow

Collector's Item

Workshop Tomorrow

Consider This: Tableau Horror

Try This: Lie to a Young Person

Try This: The Soapbox

Workshop Tomorrow

Ephemera: Lunch

Voice Driven I

Ephemera: Last Night

Hindsight This Monday Night

Gloves Off: Round XVII

Hiding Yourself Twice Over

A Secret Heads-Up

Testing the Water

A Dropped Stitch

Gloves Off: Round XVI

And the Winner Is....

Through the Safety Net, Finally

Ephemera: Happy Gatsby Day

Win This: The Casket of Secrets

Story Night to Replace Study Hall

Ephemera: Story is Everything

Gloves Off: Round XV

Gloves Off: Round XIV

Ephemera: City of the Dead

Is This You?

A Heads-Up: Study Hall

Hindsight Tomorrow Night

We Have a Winner!

Gloves Off: Round XIII

Ephemera: Bob's Castle

Gloves Off: Round XII

Save the Date

Try This: Runners, Take Your Mark...

Dialog Fails: Let's Hear Yours

Gloves Off: Round XI

Study Hall Begins

Ephemera: Did Your Favorite Make This List?

And the Winner is...

Gloves Off: Round X

Try This: Don't Tell Brandan

Gloves Off: Round IX

Ephemera: Undeniable Proof!

Gloves Off: Round VIII

Gloves Off: Round VII

Study Hall in Session

Hindsight Stories Night

Ephemera: Thailand

A Call for Stories II

What If? A Writing Prompt

Gloves Off: Round VI

Our Serial Killer Winners!

You're Invited

Gloves Off: Round V

If You Had to Choose...

Photo Only: Happy Easter

Gloves Off: Round IV

Wishing Big Luck to Allan

A Writing Prompt #6

Ephemera: The '90s

Study Hall Commences

Ephemera: A Snow Day Here

Ephemera: The Gold Door

Gloves Off: Round III

The Easter Quiz Winners!

You're Invited: New Study Hall Tonight

A Writing Prompt #5

A Postcard from Tour: Los Angeles

Try This: Make the Incredible Mundane

Thanks 4 the Thanks

Have You Read: Thurnley Abbey

Gloves Off: Round II

Have You Read: The Destructors

Good News & Good News

A Call for Stories

A Heads-Up Re: the Easter Quiz

A Writing Prompt #4

Gloves Off: The Mercurian

Be Aware of: The Woo-Woo

A Writing Prompt #3

A Heads-Up About Study Hall

Ephemera: Armchair Expert

Under the Influence of: Reporting

More on the Lullaby Saga

A Writing Prompt #2

Ephemera: Haunted 'Haunted'

A Movie List for Maegan

Photo Only: Yesterday

A Writing Prompt

A Special Thanks

A Week's Warning

Unpacking 'Heartburn'

The 'Heartburn' Winners

Bring on the Kitten Videos

A 24-Hour Warning


Happy Birthday Joëlle

A Postcard from Tour: Manchester

A Few More Winners

The Winners Are ...

China Does the Right Thing; Will Texas?

Contest: To Avoid Thought Verbs

Photo Only: Would I Lie to You?

Get the BIG Box of Chocolates

Pirate-Speak Winners!

A Postcard from Tour: Providence

Ephemera: Pirate Speak

Photo Only: My Grandfather

Photo Only: Toby

Under the Influence of: Music

Ephemera: TMZ

Have You Seen This Sh*t?

Winners Posted

Ephemera: Meat Loaf

Ephemera: Be Your Own Sunshine!

Try This: A List

Photo Only: Nice

Try This: Killing an Animal

August Will Be Better

Try This: A Gesture

Crowd Seeding: How Do You Sleep?

Mea Culpa: It's Not You It's Me

Photo Only: A Cake

Under the Influence of: Cacophony

Cacophnoy Soceity Part 1

Photo Only: Not the Red Dress One

Try This: Reinventing Ritual